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Softline is Noventiq now!

Dear Visitor, thank you for visiting our website.

As of the 20th of October, Softline Holding plc starts trading under the brand name of NOVENTIQ, and Softline Russia has become an independent company.

We would like to welcome you to visit www.noventiq.com to find out more about NOVENTIQ´s solutions and services, news, contacts, or any other information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Please note that we are currently updating and restructuring our regional and local sites. You can still visit our local website by clicking here: https://softline.hr/. Please note that the names of our legal entities remain unchanged for now. firstname.lastname@softline.com are operational for the time being but please start updating your address books accordingly.

Our warmest regards,The NOVENTIQ team (hq@noventiq.com).

Visit noventiq.com
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